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Tradition and modernity - for nearly 30 years our VIRGO loudspeakers have been highly regarded by music lovers as well as by German and international press. They play a central role in our AUDIO PHYSIC loudspeaker family. Now it’s about time that the VIRGO III crowns this tradition.







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Technical data

Height 1055 mm / 41.5"
Width 230 mm / 9.1"
Depth 400 mm / 15.7"
Required Space Width x Depth 360x470 mm / 14,2x18.5"
Weight ~ 32 kg
Recommended amplifier power   30-180 W
Impedance 4 Ohm
Frequency range 30 Hz - 40 kHz
Sensitivity 89 dB



Hifi-Stars :: 09/2018
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Features and Specs


Music Tipp

Patrick Wolf | Sundark and Riverlight| Bloody Chamber Music

Artists like Patrick Wolf are of a rare kind. The young musician from London writes and composes his music all by himself, plays six instruments and has recently even rejected an offer from Universal Music - Wolf is aiming for art, not the filthy lucre. Musically, on Sundark and Riverlight there stand classy ballads, acoustic instruments, and yes, the fine tones in the foreground. The intrinsic emotionality knows no borders. Wind in the Wire sounds melancholic, decelerated; famously how the sinewy strings combine with a filigree harp. Wolf cleverly sets pauses and thus creates a very special inner tension. Did you ever take a break in full consciousness? Many, even very expensive loudspeakers, embezzle them, thereby degrading musical valuables to insignificance. But not the VIRGO III.

This becomes even more apparent in Bermondsey Street, a passionate appeal to humanity and tolerance that never accuses. This message takes shape through the intelligent interplay of voice and instruments. In the centre the plucked double bass, the physically swinging strings of the piano, on the right woodenly sounding finger snaps, on the left the fragrant filigree hovering of the harp - even state-of-the-art speakers struggle here for an accurate imaging. The VIRGO III, however, gives each instrument the due space, illuminating spotlessly the acoustical scope. And it sets the pauses perfectly, merging the scenes with the precision of a Swiss clockwork. Gleaming bright and succulent sweetish, down to deep violet tonal colours do not represent any contradiction, they mutually depend on each other. The VIRGO III convinces with such a natural colourfulness and richness that takes your breath away. Go, and test it by yourself.


VIRGO III cherry and black high gloss


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Technical data


Features and Specs

Music tipp

Ambient Screen


The key requirement for a VIRGO has always been to authentically reproduce music from a cabinet with dimensions that are suitable for private homes. But low frequencies need cabinet volume, this is determined by physics. The VIRGO III has a remarkably large internal volume - without the external dimensions growing automatically. This allows for a low cut-off frequency, the ideal prerequisite for reproducing the lows in a thrilling realistic manner. This is made possible thanks to elements made of modern ceramic foam. In the VIRGO III they largely replace classic absorbing materials, which as such consume a lot of space. The porous and extremely rigid ceramic plates control the sound radiated inwards particularly efficient and utmost stabilize the loudspeaker enclosure. Vibrations that quickly lead to colourations in the sound are drastically reduced.

Our designers consistently continue their fight against micro vibrations. The drivers are not bolted directly to the cabinet, but anchored securely through neoprene dowels in the enclosure. Both woofers are positioned inversely in the flanks of the VIRGO III and operate in push-push mode. This driver arrangement guarantees a uniform distribution of the mechanical forces acting on the body during operation, which thus largely neutralize one another. Midrange drivers and tweeters use the world's unique AUDIO PHYSIC dual basket concept. The modern architecture effectively reduces resonances and leads to an inimitable pure and open sound reproduction. The VIRGO III features the new HHCM mid-range drivers and HHCT tweeters of the third-generation - hence the assigned name VIRGO III - which are also used in our AVANTERA III model.


Virgo 25plus+ black

To keep signal paths short, the crossover was split into three units and physically assigned to each driver section. Many of the high-quality components used derive from AUDIO PHYSIC’s top-model CARDEAS 30 LJE. The crossovers as well as the terminal plate, which comes equipped with the exquisite WBT nextgen™ pole terminals, are mechanically decoupled from the enclosure for perfect signal fidelity.

The interplay of all the elements is truly more than the sum of the individual parts – this you can hear and it will captivate you from the first beat. As it ever has been, the VIRGO III also today presents itself as the torchbearer of highest musicality. It stands out from the crowd in sound, technology, workmanship and design – this is true VIRGO family tradition.

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